Sunday, January 19, 2020

Journal 52 : Week 3

Journal 52 is a weekly prompt from Effy Wild that I'm creating on a deck of jumbo playing cards. Each card will include stitch, a found word, and I will be inspired by the project I've been working on that week or what's lying leftover on my work table. See the original post HERE.
#3 : Integrate. Inspired by my Garden of Intention journal spread. Working through new things coming up this month and how I can incorporate that and keep balance.
Step 1 : Colour block 
Step 2 : machine free-motion machine stitch the flower (I glue another card on the back at the end to hide the stitching)
Step 3 : glaze
Step 4 : Doodle with white pen
Step 5 : Add the words. 
Loving how I can make these small spaces meaningful. Find all my Journal 52 posts HERE


  1. These are lovely. And I love your see-through bag to store them. What a clever idea.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing this collection grow

  2. Working on collections is definitely motivating and inspiring - though I can not tell you how many times I've started card collections or themed journals only to abandon them - but that's just me - you have a lot more focus and drive! I tell myself I can always go back to complete them though, so the possibility's there!

    1. It was so rewarding having the finished Rumi set in my hands. And I find as the collection grows it helps build enthusiasm for the next


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