Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Journal 52 : Calm

I'm not expecting that I'll respond to the Journal 52 prompts every week, but I'm happy when inspiration strikes and time allows. Effy Wild is so articulate in her writings and this week's prompt got me thinking about what makes me feel calm. Whatever the season, I need Water. I have talked here often about the Beach and how it is my place to re-charge, a place where I find bliss and Shine, where my soul feels rejuvenated. 
The photo above is from my vision board about SHINE last year ♥ Below is a tag from an old journal page which highlighted my love and the effects of being at the beach
We are enjoying Summer holidays in New Zealand - temperatures are high and I am drinking lots more water and swimming in it as well. Rain has arrived at times when we've needed it and it is refreshing and sometimes stirring when accompanied by thunder and lightning storms passing through....In the winter the rain can get me down, but water can still sooth in the form of a hot bath and lovely drinks of strong black coffee in the morning and herbal tea in the evening before bed.
I began with a soothing watery background. Be inspired by Kate Crane's Faux watercolour technique using a gelli plate HERE. Since I'm loving exploring faces at the moment, I decided to have a go at the face shape from the last lesson we've had from Tam in She Blooms. I haven't successfully done a face before which is tilted up looking calm and happy.
Shaded carefully so that you can see her face but with a glazed effect so she's not too separate from the water
LOVE how you can see the elements from the previous layers behind her. Then needed to add words of course
And here she is finished - and I adore her. Art gives me that feeling of bliss and calm too ♥
If you want to join in, find the information about Journal 52 HERE.


  1. I LOVE this! I love the colours, the face, the shine, and especially the sparkly koru shape on the throat with its symbolism of new life, growth, strength and peace. Perfect!

  2. A very emotive page - you've got the face proportions and the perspective just right! On the subject of water - I got completely drenched walking home yesterday - I tried to enjoy it but it wasn't very pleasant! My face didn't look anything this serene LOL!

  3. Thanks so much Cally - one of my favourite pages ever I think and I really love your thoughtful comment. Have a lovely day

  4. Thanks Zsuzsa - I am so happy with what I created here. You made me smile about the drenching - I needed that today 😉 xo


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