Tuesday, January 2, 2018

First journaling for 2018

I've started journaling in my Inner Work journal (part 3). I won't share this one often because I use it a lot for personal writings, but thought I'd give you a bit of a peek to see the beginnings. My part 2 journal began in April last year
and I completed it nicely coinciding with December 31st
As well as written journaling, it's a great place to save inspiring pieces like emails from Brave Girls Club 
and photos of my art 
I also do a little memory keeping in the way of photos printed out and also keep a record of what I've been reading and watching each month
It's fun to set up a new journal. I shared my cover decorating HERE and here's how it's begun life
I added a pocket to the inside
Then I realised that most of my inspiration for this journal will come from class content for the only 2 classes I've signed up for in 2018 : BOD and Moonshine with Effy, so I printed and added those titles. LOVE the serendipity that they look so wonderful with my peacock feathers. Totally not planned but looks like I did ♥💜
Next is a selfie, as well as the journaling prompts for January - I don't answer all of these but if I feel like writing they are a good start.
I ordered a printable magical planner that ties in with my Moonshine class. Although the moon times are EST, other information includes Southern hemisphere times and the calendar pages are fun for planning and record-keeping
I did some written journaling yesterday, and I've also printed some pages from Susannah Conway's Unravel your Year. It's a FREE workbook which includes monthly reflections which will be fun to do at the end of each month. 
I'm interested in exploring Oracle and Tarot as a mirror to inner wisdom, so tried out a fun spread for the New Year today. I decided to do Gaian Soul's spread for the New Year with my Klimt Tarot
It's not predictive - it's about opportunities and challenges. I am most interested in my reaction when I read interpretations of the cards. I'm still very new to all of this so for interpretation I use The Creative Tarot book, and I find these online resources can be helpful too if I'm still not sure : Learntarot.com and Psychic revelation. In case you are interested in exploring for yourself, I have also been recommended The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed which I have ordered. I felt like the Gaian spread was very positive and makes me feel energised about my direction in 2018 ♥ 
And now I'm off to start my first art journal spread for the year....talk soon.


  1. Which is more fun- preparing a brand new journal or diving into it? Both! A nice start you've got to making an interesting 2018 journal.

  2. I like your thinking Nancy 😉
    Hope you've got some lovely creative plans for 2018


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