Sunday, January 28, 2018

#52stamps : Week 4

The challenge = to share at least one new stamp made by me weekly in 2018. I've been using some of my new stamps on journal pages. This is my open heart and SHINE on the page I shared yesterday
I recently created this page in my journal and enjoyed all the different kinds of mark making, including stamping
I used my "oops" stamp from week 1 in the background here
This week I've been thinking about what I'd like as additional background stamps and what I've already got in my collection that might inspire more ideas. I love these 3 stamps I made and use them regularly 
Also as I rummaged through my hand-carved stamps I found a few that haven't been carved on the now I have plenty of food for inspiration for continuing on into Feb as well. First I rescued one that had 'gone wrong' - uneven crosses will be cool in a background, and then I most wanted a larger curvy border stamp (I just need to make sure to ink this one up properly) : 
These are very imperfect. I am reminding myself that I am aiming for this! Hopefully appearing in an art journal page soon ♥
You can see all my posts about #52stamps HERE or you can join in on Instagram. Let me know if you're doing that - would be great to inspire each other.

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