Sunday, January 21, 2018

#52stamps : Week 3

The challenge = to share at least one new stamp made by me weekly in 2018. This week has been a tough one. We are supporting my father as he enters the next stage of his journey with cancer. There are many unknowns, we are taking it one day at a time, and I am so happy I have art as a regular practice of self-care, sometimes a meditative exercise, as a way to feel calm, and as a lovely escape. With all this in mind, I decided what I needed to make was an open heart that represents courage and strength. Often in my art, I draw a heart like this : 
I love including the spiral - the koru shape represents new life, growth, strength and peace. So this is my stamp for Week 3 : open heart - enfolding - courage - LOVE
Embracing my naiive imperfect style ♥ Take that, inner critic! 
While I have a number of heart stamps in my collection, this is a lovely new addition. And I didn't carve off the edges because I can carve on the back at some stage.
You can see all my posts about #52stamps HERE or you can join in on Instagram. Let me know if you're doing that - would be great to inspire each other. 


  1. A lovely stamp and so symbolic - I never thought of those swirly hearts as "open" but that's exactly what they are! Looks like you're taking this weekly challenge seriously! Best wishes to your dad - life has a habit of making waves when all we want is to swim along nicely in calm waters - making art definitely helps to stay afloat when the waves come crashing down. Stay strong and optimistic xx

  2. Thank you - love the ocean analogy as I'm sure you knew I would 😊
    Loving the challenge and really happy about how the open heart turned out. Wonder what I'll create this week.....♥


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