Thursday, October 31, 2013

Printing on fabric

In the online fabric collage workshop which I'm doing with Deborah Boschert, Lesson 2 was printing on fabric. When we chose our fabrics we needed some plain ones that would be good to personalise with some painted patterns. These were my choices of plain fabrics
I decided I'd try out a variety of designs and methods on different fabrics. Not very big pieces, but they probably won't need to be for the collage, and if I really like something it will be easily repeated.
Here are the details of each piece for my future reference and your interest. I actually did this piece in January and gathered it as a prospective addition.
Starburst sprays through stencil.
Fabric from the envelope of my stencil parcel.
Rest the fabric on an old mouse pad when you stamp to get a good impression.
Found objects are fun. The marks on the left are made with the end of a nerf gun dart.
Glued foam strips to a linoleum sample for a hand made stamp.
Pouncing paint through a stencil
Foam stamp
This method of using shiva sticks through a freezer paper stencil came from the Kemshall's "The Painted Quilt" book.
The inside of a cash register receipt paper roll
Lid and cork used together
Corrugated cardboard
Hope there's some inspiration there for you. Talk to you again in November!


Katherine said...

All of your photos and details make a great resource file! And thanks for the tip about using a mousepad under the fabric when stamping, I'd forgotten about that!

Cath.H.C Photography said...

I discover your blog that I like so much! adventures, great work !
I am amateur photographer; I was registered to follow your publications.
Do not hesitate to visit to me over my blogs, thank you at you, have a nice day!

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Wow so many beautiful prints on fabric Lynette, you can now make a wonderful fabric collage with them.

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