Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calendar journaling

This week the obvious starting point was to spray through my new stencils with lovely bright Dylusions Inks. Happy Happy Place :-)

Had time on Sunday after finishing my previous calendar spread to prepare for Monday. Had to include the stamps from my parcel too
The journal I'm working in is a hardcover sketchbook that I bought at Warehouse Stationery.
For the calendar journaling, the pages are not heavy enough to prevent colour coming through to the other side. So I just work on alternate spreads, then glue the backs together when I'm done.
This also means I can add stitch to my pages
- I would like to do more of this
You can see my other calendar journaling pages in my Flickr set. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Lynette this is very awesome. Beautiful
    lovely greet

  2. Lynette your pages are amazing, you have used your new stamps on a great way.

  3. Those pages look wonderful. Love the writing.
    xx Monique

  4. The sprays look like a lot of fun. I haven't tried sewing on my pages yet. I like how it looks.
    Love your pages.

  5. Wonderful pages Lynette, I haven't started one but certainly intend to. I think the problem is I wait for the weekend when I should start on any old day! Today!!

  6. Lynette, do you have any books that the ink/paint/dye etc don't flow they pages of? I've come to accept this as normal (but annoying). The way you wrote about it here I wondered if you had found a magic journal where it doesn't actually happen ;o)

  7. With these pages, I sprayed the ink and then rolled over with paper towel or press other paper over to soak up excess ink. Also it shows through the back, but that is why I glue pages together back to back. Hope that is what you mean


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