Monday, October 21, 2013

Delicious new stencils

I admit it - a couple of months ago I fell for ANOTHER class with Mary Ann Moss - this time her Stencilry classes: what can I say - good deal until 1st November, 2 classes for the price of one, I LOVE anything stencilling and have so enjoyed the other 2 Mary Ann Moss classes I've taken...
The actual point of this is that in one of her lessons, she demonstrated with some rubber henna hand stencils. She mentioned she bought them on ebay and I was smitten so went hunting, thinking that I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway, but - they were very affordable, including postage to New Zealand, and they arrived and they are FABULOUS!
All unique designs and even the packaging was lovely - butterfly stamps
and a fabric envelope with hand-stitched closure
This is the seller if you are interested yourself - I ordered the ones that said they were reusable. Note also the designs that arrive are different from what are shown on the site, but they clearly warn you about that, and as you can see, what I was sent are just as lovely.
I've already had a wee play.....


  1. These stamps are fantastic Lynette, thanks for link, I have taken three classes with Mary Ann and I will also buy this class.

  2. Thanks for this link -have ordered my henna stencils today!


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