Friday, October 11, 2013

21 Secrets : Flower Power with Ro Bruhn

Ro Bruhn taught 3 techniques this year in 21 Secrets. I finally had a go at flowers on recycled envelopes. Bit disappointed with the lack of variety of colour on the insides of my stash of New Zealand business envelopes
but at least there is some variation in pattern. 
Here's how my first try at flowers went
Line drawings with Pitt Pen
Colour added (apologies for the blurry photo)
The magic happens once you add the extra black and white pen details in step 3.
Click on the photo to see the details better. I had so much fun I had to try another envelope
You'll be seeing some of these appear in my calendar journal I suspect.
I loved the different patterns showing through - the second envelope has the word SKY repeated over and over which I thought would detract from the flowers, but is quite fun. I painted some blue around some of the flowers to emphasise the idea of sky. 
I decided I'd like to see what book pages and sheet music looked like for this technique
More to explore with this idea. Have a lovely weekend


  1. Hi Lynette
    So now I'm going to be saving all the bill envelopes and having a go at this - it looks so much fun!

    I did a fun on-line journalling course years ago with Pam Carriker so I've got the pitt pens etc!
    You're so great at sharing all you learn and do - I always find inspiration when I visit - thank you!

    Wishing you a happy weekend

  2. Your flowers look as if they were fun to do - as always, I love all your layering!

  3. Lynette your many different flowers for Ro's class is so beautiful, she have some great ideas to make flowers.


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