Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fabric collage online workshop

Do you know Deborah Boschert's work? 
I first came across her when I bought this wonderful book
Click here to see the posts relating to Deborah on the Twelve by Twelve blog and she also features as one of the artists at The Sketchbook Challenge blog.
Click here to see Deborah's personal blog and these are a couple of her quilts that she's shared on her blog this year - you can also click the quilt titles for more information.
Tabletop Horizons
Handwritten Heritage
Dwell and Develop : supplies and close-up shots here
This is the video she created showing the process of making "Dwell and Develop "above ::
She also has a fabric collage online workshop called Branches, Buds and Blossoms 
Workshop Sample
Do I really need to do another online workshop?
It would be cool to do a fabric collage and perhaps get me into creating a different type of art - I've been interested in experimenting with mounting fabric art on canvas
Couldn't I just work on making my own collage from my own knowledge?
This might be the impetus to make me do it...when will I get around to doing this otherwise?
I'll spare you the rest of my internal the end I decided it was on special for only US$15  until 15 October (now US$25) so I had nothing to lose!
Lesson 1 was to gather our fabrics. We were told to choose a focus fabric - I have had this lovely set of fat quarters set aside waiting for the right project
I've chosen co-ordinating cottons in a range of colours, plains and patterns.
Some sheers
And some other interesting fabrics
Clockwise from top - nets, curtain fabric samples, hand-dyed felt and scrims
Of course I won't use all of this, but it is nice to have a bunch of choices!
This gathering makes me happy :-) More soon....


  1. Beautiful collection of fabrics -love your colour choices!

  2. Lynette, you have chosen some very beautiful fabrics, Deborah's workshop is so inspiring.


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