Saturday, October 30, 2010

1/2 way to 100!

My 50th post - it happened so fast....Lots of busy family things this week - hoping to be able to show you more project progress next week.
I have started the sashing for my quilt. The instructions were to cut 270 light and 270 dark 1 and 1/2 inch squares! I decided to do it an easier way and cut strips of fabricswhich I machined together into pairsAnd then trimed after. Next step is to join them alternately as you would see a checkerboard.
This weekend Craig is away with the band and Sam has gone to stay with his Uncle, so this afternoon Jacob & I went to the movies and saw this - We had fun.I have been enjoying this latest fiction - another one to add to your recommended reading.And I was very excited to find this at the library the other day.It looked like it would be fantastic - lovely cover (I know - you can't always judge!...) and promising title. Worth a look if you are wanting to start your own blog, and I might try some of the tips about editing photographs in the future, but ultimately I was a little disappointed. There were lots of featured blogs, but most of them had a sameness about them, and not enough craftiness for my liking. This was a good find though : colourful and lovely - she also writes for Papaya blog which I guess figures.
My own blog followings this week turned up some gorgeous wall art from Donna Downey - inspiring for a colourful quilt - and if you fancy making a lavender pillow, check out Rebecca Sower's tutorial - simply lovely.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Corrine said...

Oh good idea with the quilt blocks.

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