Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great books and Friday inspirations

Linda and Laura Kemshall are wonderfully inspiring quilt artists with a great website, online programmes that I am tempted to purchase, and a wonderful book that I am now very excited to own. You can click on the cover and go to see the inside on Amazon.This is one of those books that I kept looking at, and borrowing from the library, but it came up at one of our quilt shops locally on a great special, so now it can live permanently at my house. Fabulous quilting, great ideas for applying paint and print techniques. A Standard for a mixed media art quilter I think.
I have been browsing library books and been inspired once more. You can click on the following covers for access to the insides.
This has some wonderful designs for quilts that could be table runners, but that I would love to make for wall hangings. Gorgeous quilts from great designers including Sue Spargo, Jane Davila, and Frieda Anderson. My favourite from this book would have to be of wisterias by Melinda Bula. She wrote the book below that I own and is on my list of "one day I WILL make"....
Also have a look at the first skinny quilt book if you can - favourites from there are Jane Sassaman, Karen Eckmeier and Carol Taylor (featured on the cover). Inspired today by the new ring that my husband bought me on a whim while shopping (so lucky). Reminds me of Klimt - one of my favourite artistsAnd some blog love for the week :
Gorgeous butterflies by Shelley Lane Kommers here. When you get to that post, look at the posts either side for more butterfly images.
Love Mary Green's work - have become a follower. Find her here. I may even try her October challenge.....
I really wish I had joined Margaret's Dress Up challenge - see her October dress here.
Sad to read that Rachel Emilie Jackson has closed her blog - go here for her reasons, and the link to her new online presence. You might find more of her work at Crescendoh - like this.
Discovered Paper Art by Nessa this week. In French, but often with English notes too. Her finished journal pages are wonderfully colourful and her latest backgrounds are inspiring.
Hope there is something there that inspires you too. Talk to you next week.


Debrina said...

That's a corker of a ring, Lynette! I see you have Corrine of Glenorchy following you. Do you know her? She is hosting a workshop run by Nina Bagley next July. I'm going! You should come!!!

margaret said...

Thank you for linking me Lynette! It's been a great year hosting Dress Up, so many wonderful creations and oddles of inspiration! Margaret

milkcan said...

I have The Painted Quilt! It's a great book! Looking forward to checking out the others!

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