Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Inspirations

Added words to 2 more of my cards this week and posted them off : Week 2 of the final school term gone already - it is speeding by. We are back to after-school practices and sports for both boys : Touch rugby on Monday, Swimming on Tuesday, Teeball practice on Wednesday, Cricket for Jacob and Teeball for Sam on Saturday mornings.
Just completed my last fused block of my Simply Delicious series - next I will sash the 9 blocks together and layer them to quilt and applique in one step.Have been enjoying my latest novel: She is a NZ author and the book contains similar supernatural/ ghostly elements to those which I enjoyed in Audrey Niffenegger's "Her Fearful Symmetry". Both good reads.
Also inspired by many of the quilts in this Kaffe Fassett book.
These log cabins for a start - I've never been partial to log cabin quilts, but the colours of these are great. This is Spring.And this is Autumn. Also this is a Kim McLean design from that book - blogged about here.
And there are many other beauties in there. Might have to own this one.
Have also seen a couple of great DVDs this week - both 'family' enjoyment. The first, an oldie but a goodie : And the second a recent release that is so good we have decided to have it in our own collection.
This is getting to be a very long post, but I also have some great blog love to share this week.
Have I mentioned that the Papaya blog have a cool selection of free printable envelopes - I reckon they would be lovely printed and used for art journalling.
This link is for a very cool tutorial that I will definitely try - making your own faux japanese masking tape.
Gorgeous painted pumpkins from Alisa Burke - not at all halloweeny!
Natural dying and gorgeous hearts this week at Love Stitching Red
And Ali Edwards is sharing her preparations for her 2010 Xmas Album - you need to start preparing now if you want to do it.
It's a long weekend for us in NZ - hope it's a good one.


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh, its after 10pm already .....and all I did was sit down to read your blog...and skip from link to link....very cool pumpkins,envelopes and that tape -micropore will be on my next shopping list!thanks for all of these!

Rosie said...

Lynette, I love your blog! There's always so much to see and sharing the links takes me to places I wouldn't come across if it weren't for you. I think your cards are gorgeous and thanks for your comment on my "face"! =)

Sandy Ang said...

Such lovely butterfly cards and grapes applique looks great !

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