Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mixed media fibre art talk

Last night my dear friend Katherine & I were the guest speakers at our monthly Rose City Quilters meeting. We had been asked to share our experimental work - so we made sure everything we showed had a fibre content, but was in no way a traditional quilt. We shared our fun playdays and explained about our various projects from the last couple of years with a powerpoint slideshow (that's the first slide they saw above), and then people came up to look at everything we had brought to show set out on tables. It was very well received and we had a great time preparing and then sharing it.
At the end we were presented with a lovely gift. This is mine - Katherine's was orange. Wrapped in a gorgeous fat-quarter of fabric and tied with ribbon that I am told is great for burning!!
And then inside, a yummy variety of fudge from munchkins....and I may just be able to use the box for a future project. You just never know what might come in handy ;-)
A fantastic evening, and a great way to finish our long weekend. Thanks to those who were there to see it, and gave us such lovely positive comments afterwards. And a huge thanks to Katherine - my partner in crime - without whom the talk wouldn't have happened, and playdays wouldn't be quite as much fun :-)


tizart said...

I thoughly enjoyed your talk, it was a bit hard getting to sleep after a very inspirational talk. Thank you so much for sharing.

Erilyn said...

I too thought it was very inspirational and am envious of your play days!

Debrina said...

Lovely stuff, Lynette! The photo of items on display contains some simply divine stuff.

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