Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#The100DayProject : Intentions

#The100DayProject launched today. Choose an action. Do this action every day for 100 days, posting each instance on your Instagram account. Keep going. 
Any day is a good day to start...I'm thinking I'm going to do #100daysofstitch.
So you may be thinking "Are you crazy?" - which was my very comment to a friend who is blogging every day in April! This is so much longer being 100 days BUT if you are a new follower to my blog this year, would you even know that I stitch?... That I call myself a quilter?... That I LOVE to combine paper, fabric and stitch together? It's what I say in my blogger profile, but I've not been walking the talk!
I did some course correction at the end of March and that post started with a photo of a stitched piece and included these words : 
** I am NOT making a checklist of projects to complete for this month
** I REALLY want to stitch more 
I've been feeling frustrated with myself, because when I shared my Ta Dah! list for 2017, I stated that "I want to include lots more stitch generally in my projects. There'll definitely be more mixed media projects". So when I saw a post this morning from someone starting this project, I decided it's just the push I need! I then drew Tarot for my day - Left is where I am today, and Right is my daily guidance. 7 of Cups is daydreams, and the Knight of Pentacles can make it happen!
I'm taking it as a sign ♥ Let's turn my dreams of stitching again into reality with a methodical approach and diligent work. I'm aiming for a little and often, and not for completing a thing every day - stitching by hand, stitching with my machine, but also planning a project that involves stitch, gathering my supplies - they will all count. I'm all about finding time to create by using Micro-movements : this is an idea from SARK which I use a lot. Check out some of my stitched projects and read more about micro-movements HERE.  
Turn off the computer, and use 15 minutes to create every day and you'll be surprised at how much you can achieve in a week. I'm going to share tomorrow what I've chosen for my first stitched project and how my first day went. Then I'll share daily on my instagram account with a weekly summary here on the blog.
Are you going to join in? What would you like to try for 100 days?

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