Thursday, April 5, 2018

#100daysofstitch : Day 1

I've decided to take part in #The100DayProject and I'm going to attempt 100 days of stitch. As I shared in my Intentions post yesterday, I'm aiming for a little and often, and not for completing a thing every day - stitching by hand, stitching with my machine, but also planning a project that involves stitch, or gathering my supplies - they will all count. 
First problem : what will my first project be? I have a few options - captured here as inspiration for other stitch projects for me or maybe for you?
I want to do more with Mary Ann Moss's Stitch*Bookery class. Currently open and ongoing - different levels of cost depending on how long you want to sign up for HERE.
See the projects I've made HERE.  
I have some hand-stitching options. I purchased this printed panel over a year ago!
I LOVE Sue Spargo's work and have this class from Craftsy
I have a few ideas for quilts - both applique and stash-busting (limited my options in the photo!)
and I want to do more mixed media projects like this
or these
Maybe the reason I haven't started something is I have too many choices!
So, after careful deliberation, my first stitched project is hand stitched butterflies with Sue Spargo. This will not preclude other things but it is great to have a decision made. After those long deliberations it was just as well I said 15 minutes was enough to spend in a day! I began by re-watching the initial lessons....
and then it was time to gather fabrics and braid/ribbon for my background
Wool, felt and velvet to add to cotton for butterfly layers
A peek into my box of special threads
As you can see I don't have to go shopping for supplies....I've been a stitcher and purchaser of stitching stash for years ;-)
And I put my base piece together! Basic machine stitching just to anchor it but with rayon thread so a nice sheen if any of it can be seen by the time it's completed.
Very happy with what I've achieved Day 1 - it took longer than 15 minutes of course, but not hours....I feel so enthused and happy about this new stitchy direction ♥ I wanted to do more but I don't want to get unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve each day and I have other arty projects that are going to continue at the same time. I'll share daily on my instagram account and come back here next Thursday for a summary of the week. I promise the summary will be briefer than this first post!


  1. Oh! I have a partially done Dijanne Cevaal panel! I must get it out and finish it! I'm also in the process of making a large 'hand'bag - crazy scraps and bitsa' joined up and sewn on and decorated. I've also got the unfinished knitting projects out because I've got a craving for new yarn but just have to finish the old stuff before it all gets out of hand! I haven't done much stitching for ages and am loving it.

  2. Sounds like lovely projects to be doing moving into winter....I want to do the panel as well but thought I would be better to start with something a bit more guided! Loving stitching again ♥

  3. 100 days of stitching should be very satisfying. i'm glad you noted that your first effort took more than 15 minutes- I was thinking it would take me 15 just to gather supplies! Have fun.

  4. Yes 15 minutes is a minimum requirement for me, or several 15 minutes in a day - often I find if I'm unmotivated and tell myself that's all I have to do, just the act of that starting 15 minutes gets me hooked for longer :-)

  5. hi this is a great idea. i have a new fulltime job in Wellington and am struggling to see when my creative time is going to fit in. Small amounts of time are doable. BTW I now walk past Nancys Embroidery every day. Dangerous.

  6. Hey Sue - all the best for your new job. Hope it is rewarding but not too tiring so you once you are settled you can keep on creating. Definitely trying to something everyday a little and often is the way to keep creativity going. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a week 😊


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