Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FFII : Week 6

Another face to share from Effy's 8-week online class Facing Forward II : the things we need to hear. Week 6 was about making a "pulled portrait" - you find the face in your background so to start with you have no idea where you're going. Takes some faith that you're going to get there! I decided I'd start with my page upside down so I wasn't trying to be intentional about a face. Some paint scraping and some drippage
Delicious - if purple drippage is good adding orange will be even better!
Turn the page up the right way to see if anyone is emerging...
I think I can, but to be sure, I turned the page upside down again and added some stenciling near the edges to see if that would give me more of a frame to 'see' her
Back up the right way she is obvious to me - and she's got some wicked hair ♥
I feel her strength and couldn't bring myself to add colour that would tone her down, so used highlights of transparent zinc white to help her emerge fully
and a touch of gold. I need this word right now
More stencils in her hair - love the texture of layers
Here she is complete
See all the blog posts about the faces I've created in this class HERE. I'm not finished with this class yet. Learning so much, and loving the affirmations that emerge with each face. All the lessons are available HERE - I highly recommend this class. See my Flickr album for all my art from classes with Effy HERE. Wishing you creative joy in February.


  1. Interesting to see how the face emerged - a useful trick to start the page upside down! Loving all those inky colours and textures. Picture no.3 looks awesome with the splash of orange!

  2. I just loved this lesson start to finish and never used to be a lover of orange, but seem to be using it more and more lately - it glows plus is fab with pink!

  3. I lOVE orange, especially the rusty kind!

  4. Same - I once tried to start a 'rusty' inspired embroidery project....still on the list 😉
    Happy weekend


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