Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Quilt and Paint inspirations

I'll be back soon with my Daily journaling post for this week, but I had to share these first. I had a fabulous weekend away in Wellington with a friend - a lot of SHINE involved ♥ - sharing creativity to inspire others - eating healthily - enjoying happy times with a great friend and being inspired by lovely quilts and art supplies. On Sunday we went to a quilt show by a group called the Towrags
It was at Old St Paul's Church in Wellington and EVERY pew was covered in quilts - it was a fabulous show.
And this was the gorgeous raffle quilt - drawn today and sadly I didn't get a call to say it's mine...
After all that gorgeousness I wanted to go home and quilt immediately! But I am truly a mixed media girl and after that we went to Gordon Harris Art supply store and I was inspired just as much by painty art books and supplies that I had long lusted after and were 20% off on the day....meant to be! First the arty books :
A book by Chris Cozen I seem to have missed
Go and have a peek via Amazon HERE - glorious colour - I've only had a flip through but this is going on my birthday wishlist. I already own and love the one she published with Julie Prichard 
Again peek inside via Amazon HERE. Check out Chris Cozen's blog HEREThe other book I saw that I was interested in was this : 
A peek inside via Amazon HERE. She's also a newly discovered artist to me - check out Staci's blog HERE
And the supplies - I've been wanting some Goldens fluid acrylic transparent paints, plus a red Tombow and blender pen to try, and couldn't resist adding to my iridescent paints. I shared a video from Joggles HERE about colour mixing with these. Although I can add iridescent medium to most colours, this is a gorgeous shade (Bleu Noir Iridescent) which I don't think I could consistently mix for myself.
Gordon Harris are online as well as having stores throughout New Zealand. Check out their site HERE. So that's what took my time this weekend...hopefully some art to show from it all soon.

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  1. Totally amazing quilts and what a great venue for it! I love old churches for their history and atmosphere! I have the Acrylic Solutions, but not the others - will check them out!


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