Monday, February 6, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 6

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 6 : Open your Pinterest board and be inspired and at Life Documented 2017 HERE it's about layering. 
I have my own Pinterest board of quotes to inspire me for SHINE (my word for 2017) so thought I'd get something from there. I also decided that I would add a flap to my journal spread this week because we started with a long weekend (Waitangi Day here in New Zealand today) and I wanted more space to journal my week - it's a flap of watercolour paper this time. I recently purchased a few more tombow markers for my collection. I had the 4 colours on the right so the 6 on the left are a nice complement to them.
I wanted to use them this week for a really cool water brush lettering technique I saw on artistsnetwork HERE. I decided to do a month heading - this is tombow markers blnded with water brush in progress
and I just kept going!
Open the flap, and I just used masking tape on this side since I'm going to be layering over it. 
Layering : 1. Paper
2. Brayered green-gold paint and gesso - ♥
3. Tape and paint through stencils
4. Collage plus words of the quote - I finally got to use the lovely flower off my summer perfume box (lined up the crease on the box with the fold on my page) 

Here's the quote complete :
I filled in the first page with this long weekend - here's the spread with the flap closed. You'll notice I added some doodling with a black pen to finish the tombow marker lettering.
and I've got plenty of room in the middle page to journal Tuesday-Friday this week.
This spread was inspired by the work I did with Succulent Stacks in the last post. You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE


  1. The collaged background is fantastic and I like the lettering also. I've got some Tombows too - I've found they give better watercolour effects on a gessoed background. I couldn't always blend them properly on watercolour card, but it worked great for your lettering that way, retaining the outlines!

  2. Thanks my sweet - fun to use Tombows for another technique - I love them so much. Also nice that I am keeping up with this project...hopefully all year.
    Glad to see you are having fun with Life Book but it is also good cos I'm not regretting not joining with all the projects I have on the go!
    Happy creative weekend 😉

  3. I'll probably take a year off too once and finish the courses I signed up for and never even started and do some of the lessons that I skipped along the way. Wishing you a happy weekend as well! :)


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