Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stuff worth sharing

A few things on my radar this past couple of weeks which I thought you should know about too.
Hanna's doing an international Postcard swap again - read all about it HERE
These are the key dates :
Sign up BEFORE 1 May 2016
Postcards ready to send by 3 May
Last date to send postcards is 6 May 2016
See what I sent in November 2014 HERE and some of what I got back HERE. It's a fun way to challenge yourself to work small and produce a series or try a whole lot of different techniques.
Did you catch Alisa Burke's post about colouring with crayola crayons HERE
I especially love what she does with baby oil....and she's shared some free colouring pages designed by her on her blog over time - get to them HERE. She's also just shared another excellent post called Colouring OUTSIDE the lines which includes a YouTube video.
I've always wanted to know how Julie Fei-Fan Balzer gets this multi-colour effect with her stamps :
and now I know....go HERE to find out all about it. Want to have some time to try this.
And forgive me if I've shared this before, but watching this video of Flora Bowley mixing colours gets me inspired :  

and she's just shared one about dynamic colour pop using contrasting colours - go HERE for that.
I'm having a very social and therefore not very creatively productive week, but I've got 2 weeks of school holidays coming up from 16th April so hopefully more stuff worth sharing will happen then! Talk to you again soon

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