Saturday, April 2, 2016

DLP (Arrows and Dream Destinations) in my daily art journal

Another daily journaling spread - I am so happy that I am keeping up with these. First up on this spread was to note Easter holiday happenings - lucky to have family around to celebrate with 
I then had to make a few catch-ups from the Documented Life projectYou already know I love the PACs (pocket art cards). This first piece of art isn't PAC sized (in fact it is 6" x 8"), but I decided it qualified for the "Celebrate white space" Week 4 challenge - you can read the full story about its surprise creation in my previous post.
Once that was done, I only had one more PAC to create to be up-to-date for March. The Week 3 challenge was "Use arrows as your focal point". I purchased this set of stencils in 2014 and recently that top left one has had a LOT of use for my daily journal pages. 
Happily, it has a couple of arrows on it as well. I decided to start by cutting a piece of off-cut card stock (already patterned from a previous project) to fit the gap remaining on my first page (approx 5" x 3"), and thought serviettes might be nice to add. Happily, I saw sewing patterns sticking out - and as I pulled one out, also pulled out a wee corner of another serviette that matched my colours perfectly
Then I saw some Easter egg foil on my desk - you have to be careful to punch these with paper as well so they don't jam up. It was obvious that some sari ribbon would be added, and then it was time to add the stenciled arrows. I was feeling very happy creating, hence the found words :-)
As well as the PAC challenges of Documented Life, I also really enjoy when Week 3 rolls around and we get a ListTEN challenge. This month it was "10 Dream Destinations". I have a love affair with Italy - from a distance so far....If I ever get to travel to Europe once in my life, it's my pick. In February I did a ListTEN challenge and printed it on an old calendar page - loved this look so I decided to repeat it again. 
I found these old reinforcers in my drawer - as well as being handy to put around the punched hole at the top of my shaped tag, I was able to use some centres to bullet-point my destinations
It needed to be put in something so I altered an envelope. Just realised now that it has arrow shapes which are alongside the arrow PAC - love that serendipity when it happens :-)
So I printed my list onto the calendar page, then glued an old encyclopedia with Italian buildings on the back. Then trimmed it to a tag shape before adding the hole, the reinforcers and the sari ribbon. Here's a view of the back of the tag beside the envelope
I located the tag at the bottom of the page just cos it felt right. Afterwards added some colour for background at the top of the page and then wanted something...An old cut-out of coloured book text fitted perfectly! The creative goddess was definitely smiling on me that day
I filled the rest of the page with notes about my very social week and the final spread looks like this :
You can see my Flickr album with all my daily journaling spreads HERE. You can find out more about DLP 2016 the unPlanner HERE. Since we are a quarter way through the year (OMG!) I thought it would be fun to create a mosaic of my daily journaling spreads so far. Click on it to see it larger : 
Wishing you a happily creative April


  1. Lovely to see all your DLP pages together! I always enjoy spotting your PACs and tags in your finished journal pages and it's always interesting to see how you incorporate them. How clever to repurpose the LB portrait for DLP! Two birds with one stone! ;)

  2. Thanks - it's really fun to look at art like that and it helps me to remember that I am doing different projects although they're all in the same book :-)

  3. I think it's a wonderful idea! I might have to try that next year!


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