Sunday, April 3, 2016

LB2016 : Wings & Light

This was another Life Book 2016 lesson with Tam called Roots and Ground, Wings and Light. There was a meditation with this one that was supposed to lead you to grounding in the present, and writing poetry about how you're feeling. But I just went with creating a darker skinned angelical character this time. Happily my next page in my journal was nearly completely blank. Click on any photo to see it larger.
I experimented with using some of my watercolour pencils and crayons with a blending stump to soften instead of using water. Enjoying the effects I got with that and will try more in the future. Because my art journal is a recycled book, my neocolors don't blend as well in the background as Tam's seem to, but it gets me using my acrylics, and incorporating more stencils into the background of my pieces which I really enjoy as another layer.
Very happy with how her wings turned out - including more words from a large print book
We used modeling paste in this lesson, and mine turned out a bit dirty looking from not cleaning my stencil so I added bronze metallic paint which had a lovely effect, and I included it in her hair as well which was a happy addition
Here she is all finished
Click on the photo to see it larger, or go HERE to see my Flickr album of all my Life Book 2016 projects. You can see all my posts about Life Book this year HERE.


  1. Love this Lynette! Probably one of the best faces you've done so far! Love her eyes and the colour variation in her hair!

  2. Thanks - I think she is one of my fav's. I love that as Tamara grows as an artist she shares right along with us so we can develop too :-)


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