Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DLP (Black & white) and more daily journaling

As I shared in my last post, I've been having a very social and busy couple of weeks so haven't had as much time to create art as usual. At least I've managed to mainly keep up with my art journaling. 
Started the spread with our clocks going back for the end of daylight savings - always sad to see that happen because it signals the end of summer days, but we're still enjoying lovely warm days around 20 degrees so can't complain about that. In my last post I shared a cool technique by Julie Fe-Fan Balzer that I wanted to try. Did it in a bit of a cheat's way by using 3 different colour stamp pads on a large feather stamp - pretty don't you think?
Then I turned my attention to the prompt for last week's DLP PACs (Documented Life Pocket Art Cards) which was black and white. If you click on that link, you'll see previews of what was presented to those of us who have joined this year. The new theme for April is "Reaching for rainbows - creating outside the lines". I was looking through a wee gifted birthday quote book and found the perfect page to tear out and use as the base for a black and white challenge piece
I decided to keep it fairly simple and glued the quote to my page with the movie snapper to edge it, and then added various bits of tape, and black stamp pad through various stencils - it was so fun I even spilled off the edge and onto the background page = "creating outside the lines" :-)
Then I came across a black tag from a piece of clothing - I hope you save all your tags of interesting colours or shapes....Although summer hasn't fled, the words I found on the sheet music were too perfect not to include, and that cute white edged black ribbon worked well. 
No more arty details to share this week, but here's the completed spread. 
I know this spread isn't artfully fabulous, but there's a reason I share it. I just finished looking at one of Alisa Burke's most recent blog posts where she's created a new colourful giant mural on her bedroom wall. It was what she had to say in the words of her post that really resonated for me though : creativity (even painting giant walls) is more about the journey than the destination...It truly is ALL about love and passion for the creative process. And that's how I feel too - that's why I keep playing in my art journal, and making PACs and experimenting with new techniques. It's the process of creation that clears my stress and makes me happy. I just love to create stuff and share it with others in the hope that will in turn inspire someone else to find a pathway to happiness.
You can see my Flickr album with all my daily journaling spreads HERE. You can find out more about DLP2016 the unPlanner HERE.
This weekend sees the beginning of 2 weeks of school hols. Looking forward to a change of pace.


  1. Hi Lynette! I haven't disappeared, but like you, the Easter break has thrown a spanner in the works! I could have worked around it, but I didn't make the extra effort! Love your b&w tag and the multicoloured feather! Our clocks went forward, while yours went back, which probably means there's an extra two hours time difference between us! No wait, it's two hours less, because you're ahead of us. It's so confusing!


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