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Where I shop for mixed media supplies

In this post I'm going to share my favourite shopping spots in Palmerston North and Online links in green which will help if you're new to this and live in New Zealand. I'll also do a link on my sidebar to this post so you can always find it.
This post was updated APRIL 2020
The obvious places to look for paint/tapes/glue/scrapbook papers/stamps and the like are Warehouse Stationery, The Warehouse, Typo and Spotlight. Remember though that you must visit fairly regularly because their stock changes and things come up on special that may never be seen again (I've found this to be true of Typo anyway - now in Wellington not PN). 
Check Mitre 10 for interesting brushes and rollers but also stencils!
Stencil goodness can also be found at KMart cheap
My first shop of choice in Palmerston North for all my mixed media supplies (I love acrylic paints and mediums, stencils, pens, brushes and the like) is Warehouse Stationery. They have an excellent range of Ranger Products ♥
Very exciting to be able to buy these locally. They also have an extensive range of Liquitex products. As well as Ranger, the Rosie brand of stencils has 6 designs on an A4 size sheet for only $4.99! This is an example of what you might find : 
The store also have a card club called "Inspiration Station" which is worth signing up for. They send you emails with great deals - sometimes you can get 40% off one craft item!
The Reeves brand of gesso and gel mediums is also available here - excellent value and I like the quality of them for my work.
Moving onto other suppliers : Maybe not so obvious is Trade Aid who have fabulous journals at very reasonable prices (I like to use the photo albums with black pages - this was an earlier one). Also lovely papers, and amazing wood block stamps. The links are to their online catalogue, but visit your local Trade Aid for inspiration.
If you live in Palmerston North we have all of the above plus :
Creative Ewe : Margaret - you can visit her at home (details below) and every month she has a card-making demo and open day in a hall where you can go and see her products and make purchases without having to stay for the card-making part (let me know if you want me to forward you the next email notice about that)
Also keep your eye out for local craft fairs or quilt shows.
You can pick up lovely things in unexpected places :-) 
Because of the interest in art quilting, don't think that quilt show merchants will just have fabric...
Creative Craft Supplies have all sorts of goodies which you can order online, or sometimes I'm lucky enough to see them at a quilt show as an exhibitor. A large catalogue of products - I love their stencils and sprays. 
Fabric by Three : three keen patchwork and quilters who discovered the joys of altering fabric through dyeing and painting. They are located in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. Again, I've seen them at quilt shows, but you can order online. Please note they are going out of selling fabric, stencils and their other products. Check out their retirement sale HERE (current April 2020)
Some other online options : 
Gordon Harris  - love the shop in Wellington - there are also stores at various locations in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch - and online as well. Art supplies, graphic and design materials including a great range of papers and canvases, and lots of different products to apply colour : paints/inks/mediums/pens/pencils/crayons/watercolours and the means to apply them...I always spend a long time there because there is lots to choose from. 
Rubber Stamps by MontargaThey are located in Christchurch and though I haven't ordered online from them, they were great when I visited in April 2014.
Craftables - located in Tauranga and new to me but look like they have wonderful supplies of stencils that I love. They say for all your scrapbooking needs. Worth exploring online if you can't get there. 
I have found 2 New Zealand suppliers for Gelli plates in New Zealand.
Tulis Textiles - go HERE for gelli plates.  Also available at Gordon Harris - online link there or stores located Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch. Search "Gelli".
Lots of people talk about using deli paper to take prints on the gelli plate - my alternative for this is a lunchwrap available in NZ supermarkets - see the details of that HERE.
You need greaseproof paper in preference to waxed - you don't want a waxy surface to print on. It's more like a paper in between tissue and cartridge. I buy on a roll and cut it to size.
Book Depository - I buy almost all my art books from Book depository. I buy in NZ$ at very reasonable prices on the books and no postage! 
Once you start this mixed media habit, all sorts of things are fair game for using in your art and you can find things in unexpected places like a cake decorating aisle! Keep your eyes open wherever you go :-) Go HERE for all my posts about shopping for supplies. If I think of anything else, I'll add it. If you're a kiwi and know something I've missed, please let me know.
Additional online place to shop recommended by a blog reader : The Learning Connexion LTD. Read what she had to say below this post in the comments section.
Happy shopping and art making :-)


  1. Thanks for this fabulous list of goodies suppliers -could you forward me Margarets next email about her card-making days -I hadn't realised she was also open at other times!

  2. Thank you so much for the info. Just wanted to add that The Learning Connection has a simple shop for art supplies. They allow non students to order and have an online shop too. I think their prices seem very good.

  3. Very helpful information to have available, thank you very much. Cheers, Marina


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