Sunday, September 28, 2014

Arty books

It is a wet and stormy day here in Palmerston North, New Zealand - a good time to share some books :-)
I've been shopping online at book depository again. Great prices and no postage anywhere in the world! I love Traci Bautista's work and when I discovered she had a new book out on printmaking, I had to use some birthday money to make that purchase.
Sneak a peek inside via Amazon
Her books are a great reference for your arty bookshelf and this is a valuable addition to mine. She divides this book into 3 sections
Click on the photo to see her contents page clearly
The first is about a variety of {sometimes unexpected} tools to print with
The second section is about doing the actual printing, and the third is project inspiration - mixing up and layering techniques. Although she uses perspex as a printing plate because she likes to scratch marks into the surface, many of the techniques would be just as applicable to a gelli plate. She includes ideas for digital printmaking, using all sorts of tools for monoprinting, as well as ways of creating various acrylic translucent skins I just need time to have a play. Go HERE for my post when I was first thinking about this book - it has useful links to inspiration and Youtube demos by Traci related to this book.
Another artist you know I adore is Alisa Burke. For a long time I have considered buying Sew Wild.
Although I don't need to be shown many of the techniques, this is also a great book to have on my shelf, bringing lots of ideas into one place. 
As you can see from the contents page, like Traci's book there are many ideas for printmaking and surface design. Alisa's techniques are shown on fabric, although they could equally be used on paper, and I love her section on stitching since she also reminds you of ideas for alternative surfaces
click on any photo to see it larger
This book includes a DVD, demonstrating techniques using printed materials shown in the book. Her drawing and sewing projects nicely complement her latest class Redefining Creativity - one lesson of which is devoted to Redefining Fibre. Although the projects in themselves aren't so inspiring to me, I could apply the techniques of this fabric wreath to another project, and she demonstrates making another fabric flower on the DVD.
Both these artists and their books inspire me - exploring free-form mark making, using a variety of tools (including a sewing machine) on different surfaces, and both of them encourage everyone to find their own artistic voice. Happily my public library also has this DVD by Alisa which encourages you to let loose creating fabric. It's awesome to have so many resources to feed my creative soul!
Hope you are finding some creative time in your weekend. Talk to you again soon


Diane Kelsey said...

Thanks for the reviews, I've been thinking about buying Printmaking Unleased for a while.

Wendy Watson said...

Great books from wonderful artists . . . I have both books and I'm ashamed to say I haven't used them much. Not because they aren't fabulous, they are!!! I've been drawn into other things for the moment. Books are so patient aren't they?

Yesterday was perfect for DVD watching. I was watching the 'In Stitches' DVD by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn . . . I TOOK NOTES! Unheard of!

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