Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cheaper and Free Online Classes NOW

I needed to post this today so that if you have been thinking about taking any of Alisa Burke's online classes you can take advantage of her sale for this week - ends Sunday 7th September:
Click HERE to go to her online class information
If you've been following me you'll know I'm a BIG FAN of Alisa. I love her art style and am constantly inspired by the projects she posts on her blog, but I am especially inspired by the way she encourages everyone to make art in their own way - to be authentic. And she also is very much in favour of using the supplies you have, not going out and buying lots of new things to be able to do her classes. Treat yourself as we head towards Summer in New Zealand :-)
Click HERE for all my posts referencing Alisa or the work I've done in her online classes, and click HERE to get to my list of cheap and Free online art classes - Alisa has 2 free classes which are well worth a look. 
Also for FREE - the new Strathmore workshop has begun - this time it's with Gay Kraeger and it's called Watercolor Sketching and Journaling : all the details HERE
You can participate in any of the 2014 Strathmore workshops until Dec 31 2014.
And speaking of Free arty stuff - Geninne always shares a free calendar for your computer desktop - go HERE for September.
September Desktop Calendar

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Wendy Watson said...

Thanks for the update about Alisa's online courses . . . what ones have you done Lynette? I was thinking of Mary Ann Moss's Fult Tilt Boogie but I'm also aware I could over commit myself as I'm taking 21 SECRETS Fall.

And I hope those migraines have well and truly gone and you're back in full creative mode again.

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