Friday, September 26, 2014

Watercolour Calendar journaling

It's Spring in New Zealand :-) This heading was done with oil pastel and I added some white crayon swirls for fun. The crayons acted as a resist when followed by a wash of watercolour. I added a little bit of pen embellishment too.
click on any photo to see it larger
Been feeling like I've been fitting in some better creative time lately...although still hankering after time to stitch during the day, I'm managing to do some art journaling in the evenings additional to my daily calendar journaling.
Blogged about these pages HERE, HERE  and HERE
I've also bought a couple of books from Book Depository lately, this being one of them
My second page started with spray through my lovely large fern stencil
I like that I can capture my process on the blog, because they are definitely background by the end of the page when I started by thinking they might be a feature. I was reading and acquiring more lovely books. Read this and LOVED it - it's a children's book from our library, but adults can certainly enjoy it too :
It was a busy and happy week.
You can see all my calendar journal pages in my flickr set HERE.
I am excited to say I have only 1 more spread left to show you in this journal!


Deb said...

Very inspired by your watercolour journalling...think I will give that a go. Do you print off your pictures for each page, or just leave a space and do them all at once?

Lynette (NZ) said...

Hi Deb - I pretty much do them as I go, but try and do my entries a few days at a time sometimes so have decent number to print. Save them as a word document so I can size them as I wish and print them on photo paper.

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