Monday, March 24, 2014

Watercolour Calendar Journaling

This is already the 9th page in my watercolour journal which I started on Monday 27th January. Doing just a little bit everyday sure adds up. Loved the foam letter stamping with watercolour paint so much on my last page that I started with that on Saturday.
Then moved to doodling laying down some colour and a framed journal spot with watercolours on my waterbrush.
Monday I didn't get a chance to journal, but Tuesday I had the inspiration from the floral sketches I'd been doing
I love how the flowers look with colour and really happy with the feel it gives to the whole page.
Here's how the whole spread looks together - left hand page details HERE
You can see all my calendar journaling pages in my flickr set HERE


  1. Fabulous!
    I love the lettering - did you make your own stamps??

  2. Very nice. I started a journal towards the end of December and by about the first week in January, it was already pushed to the wayside and I haven't touched it yet. Every year I say I will journal and every year I give up. Have a great week. Tammy


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