Friday, March 7, 2014

Watercolour calendar journaling

A new week - a new month. Rediscovered my really fun koh-i-noor magic pencil and used it to create my March heading
Love the look and here's the 1st entry complete with fun edgings
I'm trying to think of different ways to include watercolours - this week, I coloured a line drawing from an old book with some of my koh-i-noor watercolor wheel paints.
Even thought it's not my drawing, I still like the look of it on my page. The rest of the page contains different colours and styles of lettering. I like it, but I want more on the page.
At the bottom of the page I say "I wish I could draw. I need to just enjoy what I'm good at instead of wishing for more"...but what do I really want to be able to draw? I like what I drew last year when I started Alisa Burke's Doodle Delight class in June

It's another class that I never finished {sigh} but I'm thinking that this post will prompt me to get back into it. 
These designs would definitely add to my calendar pages - imagine the feathers above with the addition of the colours below...
Looking forward to what might develop in the week ahead. Have a great weekend.
Details of the left hand page of this spread  HERE
You can see all my calendar journaling pages in my flickr set HERE


Anni - My Creative Life said...

Your journal page is so beautifully made, love the feathers.

Fiona said...

Your journal page is lovely, really like the colours.

Wendy Watson said...

What do you mean? Draw? Of course you can!Those shells and feathers are delightful. Seriously though, I know what you mean when you wonder what you would like to draw. I've just bought an A4 sketch book just for drawing but it seems to me that there are so many thing TO draw . . . where do I begin? Do I want to draw people, everyday objects, flowers or birds? I guess if I just start (late of course) and draw a bit of each I'll find out.

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