Friday, August 23, 2013

The Indian Wall-Hanging is Finished

It's finally done!
I've had such fun making this wall-hanging.  The last 2 main spots were filled by 2 stitchy pieces. The peacock feather was purchased with this wall-hanging in mind when I went to Taupo.
It just needed some sari ribbon, beads and french knots to finish it off.
The final piece started by sponging gold metallic paint through a masked indian stencil onto silk.
Free-motion machine stitching with metallic thread got it to this stage.
Then it needed a few beads, some bells, and a little sari ribbon trim.
I added a couple of other small bits and called it done.
Special thanks to Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen's Mixed Media Melange class that started the whole thing,
my talented friend Carole for her original comment that inspired the transformation of the original piece, and for Beryl Taylor's entire body of work. Check out her blog and her website and be inspired too.
Take a look inside her book via Amazon HERE
If you want to go back and look at the detail of stages, here they are :
February  - The base and first additions inspired by Beryl Taylor
March  - TAP transfers
April- beading and stitching
13 July - embroidery on the elephant
17 July - more hand stitching
9 August  - modeling paste effects


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. One of the nicest pieces of work i've seen in a long time - its beautiful

  3. It's a really pretty wallhanging Lynette! You must be very pleased with it :)
    Love your colours and the collection of special things. x

  4. STUNNING, Lynette!! I am so happy to see this!

  5. This is just amazingly gorgeous, Lynette and you should be so proud of it... Wow!! My type of art. You are inspiring.

  6. Lynette, this is stunning! You've done a beautiful job!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful Lynette! I can see why you would post this on CJS as your favorite piece of art for 2013. You have used so much detail here.

  8. what a cool wall hanging. I can see why you posted it on CJS as a fave.

  9. This is out of this world! Sounds like it was a biggie! Another book for me to look up! Loving it!


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