Friday, August 2, 2013

Making an Impression : book review

I had Geninne D. Zlatkis' book "Making an Impression" out from the library 
Have a sneak peek inside via Amazon here
I have admired her beautiful illustrations and stamps on her blog for a long time.
Some of Geninne's beautiful stamps
This book needs to be an addition to your home reference library if you are looking to buy one good book about how to carve stamps. She covers the tools, basic methods of carving, design, and application to a number of projects including paper, fabric, and other surfaces. All are illustrated with her beautiful work and colour sense. She shares a generous number of patterns and templates in the back.
Of course I had to have a go at her butterfly pattern. I usually carve on erasers, but couldn't find one big enough for this pattern so bought this :
Well worth it. This is my stamp : it's not perfect, but makes me happy
Also check out Geninne's stamp carving tutorials on her blog - the link includes a video of her creating a stamp from start to finish. 
Have a lovely weekend. I'm hoping to show you this quilt finished on Sunday night.


  1. What a great idea to carve into an eraser :D

    Gem x (EDiS)

  2. Your butterfly stamp is really beautiful carved Lynette it sounds like a good book to buy, wish you a lovely weekend.


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