Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 minutes a day : 3

A reminder of where we finished yesterday, and start today.
I sat down not really sure where I was going with the page except that I was going to add some pen work and I wanted her to have something else to hold. My bags of rub-ons and stickers were on the table, and I'd grabbed out some punches and more tape.
SET THE TIMER :: Used some sweet heart tape to block off the ribbons on the original image. I love this trick I saw somewhere of using a plastic bread bag tie to keep the end of your tape free.
Then I dug into the box and found the rub-on of the bird for her to hold. Felt like I needed to add something to the balloons, and since I'm thinking about Kelly Kilmer, turned to one of her favourite images and added a heart sticker. One was enough though. Added pen work, and then outlined all the balloons and the girl.
Wanted some more interest in the background, so punched some daisy shapes out of one of my original green strips of paper that didn't make it to the background, and added some doodles to link them. As an aside, I now have a cool piece of punched paper for another page :-)
Found a sweet wee birdcage image and stuck it down when TIMER STOP ::
I wanted to add some words, so I went for a look to see what I have to use for tomorrow. Found a word very quickly that inspired me to finish the page immediately. I'm now doing more than 10 minutes in my art journal today.
I love the word, but not in this form. I lay it down while I think about it and add some smaller punched daisy shapes to bring the pink back across the page.
Now I need to write. I still use the word "Hold" but in a different way. I also decide I need a longer tail on that bird to disguise the white ripped paper below. And I'm all done.
Will continue the 10 minute challenge tomorrow, but I'll be on a new page. Are you playing along?


Caatje said...

Interesting to follow your process like this. Before I had read anything the name Kelly Kilmer immediately came to mind when I saw this page. ;-) Although I agree that by consistently doing ten minutes a day you will be filling pages in no time, I would find the process very frustrating indeed. I wouldn't be able to leave it alone at ten minutes and not rest until the page was finished. ;-)

Lynette (NZ) said...

The idea isn't to limit yourself to 10 minutes, but to promise yourself at least 10 minutes. You will smile when you see my post tomorrow...I went a bit overtime for this day's post - I went a lot over 10 minutes for the next day! :-)

Katherine said...

The bread bag tie is such a good idea!!
Love all of your pen work and additions to your collage -all very inspiring!

Jacqui Chimes said...

love watching your progress (this comment is after the next few days)and this page particularly lovely

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