Friday, July 23, 2010

Review of the week

School holidays are over, and the kids went back to school on Monday - I tidied and cleaned the house and it stayed that way for the whole day!
Monday night I had quilt group at my house - made a coffee cake that was really yum
It was the series final of "Grey's Anatomy" - I cried a little bit
Back to swimming lessons and rugby practice again for both boys
I started reading this book : I have enjoyed reading many of Margaret Forster's novels in the past, so this looks promising.
Saw this at the movies :The book is better, but still a good evening out with a girlfriend
Finally got the worms to start the worm farm that I got for my birthday
Met some friends on various days for coffee
Thinking about library work again - I left 4 years ago to be home with my kids
Spent a morning with my sister-in-law and nephew - Hi Nicky & Harry :-)
Traced this pattern (to the right) and selected some materials.
The pattern is available here - click on the tab for projects
It is a design by Piece O' Cake - click here for their blog
and here for some of their lovely books.
I love their work and have made other quilts of their design...will share them in another post.
I started stitching paper for a new book project.

They don't look much yet, but if you click on the below links, you will see the general direction of where I am headed!
Mary Ann Moss : Dispatch from LA
Emily Falconbridge
Julie Ann Shahin
DJ Pettitt
Kelli Nina Perkins
Susie LaFond

Hope you all have a good weekend :-)


margaret said...

Lynette, fab looking project you've got going here! love the book reviews, the Ruth Rae one is just divine! one to buy I reckon! Margaret

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Lynette

I've come here from Margarets blog - as saw you were NZ too!

Your journal looks lovely, well done!
I've joined your followers too so I'll be able to see when you do a new post.

I'm doing Carole's book class at the mo and it's great.

please come and see me and I'll get out my prettiest teacups out and make you very welcome!

Jacqui said...

Hi Lynette

This is looking good.Thank you for visiting my blog. Did you like Isa and May? I am a big Margaret Forster fan but could not 'get into' this novel and have put it away for another time (maybe)

Jacqui said...

Had to add - now that I have read all your blog posts - that I did the Textural Bookwraps course with Angie Hughes last year here in the UK - only just completed the first one though -it will be blogged in a day or two. Have plans for another one to go with some Remains of the Day pages

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