Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Listening, stitching, working

I got myself a job! Back at the Palmerston North City Library - I left there just over 4 years ago to be with the kids, but have decided to get back into it. I have been appointed to a casual on-call position, providing reference services at the main desks. Just have to hear when refresher training starts. I am very excited. Will be a chance to get my practical job skills back, and will be in school hours.
Yay :-)
I decided I should use my spare time today wisely, so have done quite a bit more work on my sitch/paper journal. I have been having fun adding a variety of envelopes to pop tags and memorabilia into. The above open spread has a normal heavy weight envelope with the flap tucked inside before stitching around the edges. The black butterfly is a rub-on. Another Erte image :-) The page below is shiny because it is a clear envelope. When empty, you can see the image I stuck behind it. It has a sticker on the envelope flap and the bottom corner of the envelope.
The blog of Rachel Emilie Jackson is worth exploring - the pretty pocket below was created from sheet music inspired by this blog post. The instructions are in the comments section of that post. While you work you have to listen to music right? (well I do!) Sara Bareilles has a new single on the radio, which got me listening again to the album I own :And somehow these 2 CD's came out as well. Regina Spektor is quirky and sweet and, I think, seriously cool. She is quite different from anyone else.

She also appears on this : clever movie - great soundtrack.
Talk to you again soon :-)

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martha brown said...

I like Regina Spektor a lot!

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