Friday, July 16, 2010

Pansy book

I love the work of Frances Pickering and recently purchased her gorgeous book Page after Page

She is such a talented artist, and her books are divine, just click on the links above. There is lots of hand stitching, and her book has lots of wonderful ideas for creating your own.
I also admire the work of Lesley Riley and my friend owns her book on using lutradur
Inspired by these wonderful publications, I created my pansy book.Cover made of pelmet vilene, painted and then stitched
My pages are made of purple lutradur - folded from 1 sheet and then embellished in various ways. Pressed pansy on tag using my microwave flower press. A couple of other spreads :
Made the pansies and butterfly from my own silk paper
Lots of new techniques tried, and lots of learning. Talk to you later


  1. You are amazingly talented, its cool to see some of your creations online as you so obviously enjoy creating them and I don't always remember or know to view them in real life. Keep it up.

  2. Hi Lynette, welcome to the world of blogging.
    You will love it!!!


  3. your work..glad l found youxlynda
    enjoyx lynda

  4. Great blog Lynette...will have to check out the lovely books you listed. Love your pansy journal too....gorgeous work...and congrats on your new blog...

  5. Welcome to Blogosphere! I just love your book - those dreamy colors... And I love pansies, too. And doesn't this remind me that my blog has been on ice for nearly two months.

  6. Your article is really informative for us. Thanks for sharing it.

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