Sunday, October 4, 2020

New Art Journal

I loved my altered art journal which started life as an old children's book.
ery rarely did I wish for something different in the way of base pages which were thick and covered with text that showed through most of my finished art - an effect I loved. 
While I did work in a Watercolour Calendar journal (spiral bound and cheap paper) in 2014, and I created my own watercolour journal from the pages I used for my She Blooms in Ink class with Tam in 2018, I've never purchased and worked in a proper, quality page weight, bound watercolour journal. 
I am equal parts excited and nervous to work in this! So many choices of what I could do on my first page, and a very white blank page it was to start with....I decided that I would try a lesson from the Free Life Book 2021 Taster event since it's only available for a couple of weeks. Inspired by a watercolour mixed media portrait lesson by Toni Burt. If you click on her name you'll find some free tutorials to try with her. 
Brave beginning - my non-dominant (left) hand with non-permanent pencil
Watercolours, black permanent polychromos pencil and a little collage with Daler Rowney ink in the background and my first page in my new art journal is done. 
Happy Sunday.


  1. I still find it hard to work in "proper" journals - got a few expensive ones and they're all empty! You're so brave! Lovely page - that purple is one of my favourits!

    1. Thank you for seeing the brave! I'm a bit nervous about this journal with its 'proper' paper but it's all about process and play in the end ♥


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