Friday, November 23, 2018

#arteveryday : week 3

November Week 3 of trying to create every day. Yesterday I must admit I was feeling a bit down since I hadn't completed anything since Sunday....just as well I have this record to remind me that I am creative every day and it's not about finished!
Saturday : a question from a reader about Stabilo pencils got me testing out different alternatives with faces. See the full post HERE.
Sunday : Getting myself ready for craft club at school on Tuesday by cutting a whole lot of 3/4 x 12" strips (it takes longer than you might think!) and preparing quilt labels by backing them with iron-on fusible and trimming them ready to be written on. Then managed to complete my doodling on my latest recycled magazine face. Read the whole story HERE.
Monday : adding acrylics over magazine faces and trying to get more creative ideas happening in the other recycled journal
Tuesday : Christmas Craft at school - some things finished and some things in progress
Wednesday : random ink and paint start a background in my art journal - no idea where this will end up but it's a delicious start ♥
Thursday : Feel very tired but started gatherings for my quilted faces workshop this weekend with Jacqui Karl 
And I attached the labels to the back of the quilts my girls at school have been making
Friday : I'm all packed up ready for workshop tomorrow. 
Posting tonight cos I'm heading off fairly early in the morning to quilt faces. Can't wait to see how my creative weekend shapes up. 
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  1. Phew! From painting to doodling to quilting to kids fun. That's a packed week. Faces workshop- sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see what you and others come up with.

  2. The faces class was just awesome - I've got my quilting mojo back ♥ Not sure when it will be finished but there'll be progress photos next #arteveryday review post.


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