Thursday, November 1, 2018

Art journal : believe

Thought I would just start this page without thinking about where it's going to end up - not based on any lesson. Begin with what I love - base layering of sheet music, hearts of paper serviettes, text on the page in my recycled art journal
Add colours I love - transparent paints and then fill in the gaps with iridescent
Left journal open on my desk so I can sideways glance as I go past....don't stress, after a day or so it's obvious what is shining out from the page ♥
It still took a while to get motivated to finish. It sat for a number of days while I couldn't decide on my next move - was trying to think about the final outcome... Today I decided I would just do the next thing I love - add some more background stencils, fill in her hair with space for serviette flower
And just like that I knew what my next steps would be
and the next 
until she was done
I still have to remind myself that I just have to do something I love next, and that usually puts me in the zone.....
Wondrous, magical, art. I believe that I am going to make more time for art in November - it's good for my soul. What are you focusing on for November?


  1. Absolutely lovely! I like how you took your time and just let this emerge.

  2. Thanks Nancy ♥ It can be frustrating to wait, but worth it in this case.


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