Sunday, November 4, 2018

2019 Classes and celebrating our Southern Seasons

You can do ANYTHING, 
but you can't do EVERYTHING!
I said in my last post that I'm starting to try and make some decisions in the face of all the online art offerings for 2019 and I truly feel overwhelmed when I think about all the options available. Mixed in is a healthy dose of FOMO (fear of missing out) - excitement about possible new skills - so much admiration for many of the teachers and wanting to support them financially.... but I already have so much to do without signing up for anything new! There are a number of big collaborative classes which are widely advertised and I can easily say no to them because I already have access to many of the teachers through past purchased lessons.
I still adore Effy Wild's teachings - most of her techniques I want to use and incorporate in some way with my own art, I love how her approach to art journaling is about meeting yourself on the page and the encouragement to write as a way to learn more about yourself, she gathers great people in her classes which make for awesome FB class groups, and always the knowledge that her goal is "to set us free from her lessons" and find our own art voice. Get the links to all Effy's offerings for 2019 HERE, and check out the info about how to save by purchasing Early Bird bundles HERE. I am definitely signing up for BOD 2019 which is a collaborative offering next year
And A Year of Rumi looks wonderful - one option is to join Effy's Patreon account for this so you pay monthly
And then there's Moonshine
I've been in her Moonshine class this year, and while I haven't done every art lesson and am still a bit overwhelmed by all the information that is available, her monthly writings and watching the lessons is worth the price of admission (early bird discount for the year works out to be $22.50 per month), and the FB group is incredibly supportive and uplifting. I think one of my blocks has been because I live in the Southern Hemisphere and I feel a bit disconnected from northern hemisphere seasonal-focused lessons (this happened in BOD too at times - on occasion I made it work ♥). 
I think this past week I might have found a way to help me make my way with this - I've discovered this wonderful book : 
It brings together Maori, European and Christian traditions, and suggests ways for celebrating the seasonal festivals in Aotearoa, so that all traditions are honoured and included. I'm feeling like I can tap into this a bit more to celebrate what I'm experiencing and to be able to have some easily available information to suggest ideas which I might easily incorporate when thinking about changing the lessons to be more relevant to reflect my seasons of the year. Juliet Batten also writes a blog which I'm going to be following from now on. 
In addition Amy Cesari is releasing a Southern version of her magical planner for 2019. All the details are HERE. It includes moon phases.
This year I've been working with her printable PDF version - 2019 version available on Etsy HERE. I print them out for my weekly noting of activities within my Inner Work Journal
Still no firm decisions yet, but I have until the end of December to get the Early Bird Pricings. I may yet fall for Effy365  
- more than $365 in NZ$, but my mum often gives me money for Christmas and broken down by month it's less than what I pay for my gym membership - good for my soul work ♥ I'd love to know what you're signing up for next year.


  1. Oh, well said! Your thoughts mirror mine. I absolutely love online classes for the convenience and the cost. All my supplies are at hand, I can work whenever it fits. But I love all of the instructors and classes and can easily involve myself in too many. It's a good dilemma to have though- just shows how much is available and how enriching it is.

  2. Absolutely agree - we are very lucky :-)

  3. Thanks so much Lynette for letting people know about my book 'Celebrating the Southern Seasons'. Good wishes to you with all your wonderful classes and beautiful art work.

    If anyone wants to receive my Seasons Newsletter, here's the link:


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