Friday, August 3, 2018

July review and Inner Work Journals

I shared my new Inner Work Part 3 journal in January and now it's all finished. The end of the journal coincided with the end of July so I'm also sharing my new Part 4 journal here ♥ Whilst my Shine journal was very pretty and I love seeing all the taped edges, when I was thinking about what to use for Part 4 I came across an old hard cover journal with thickish pages already numbered. It's a bit grungy/worn down the spine, and the edges of the pages are a bit inky so I'm going to keep this one a bit more un-touched and leave the edges as they are
I began with the cover and decided to keep it simple by recycling a lovely birthday card - I love the sentiment and it's perfect for what I'm trying to do with these journals
Some of the pages inside had already been removed, and what remains look a good length to see me through to the end of the year. As I did in my previous journal, I attached a current photo of me to start and I also wanted an envelope for tucking useful things - again I used a recycled card featuring my word SHINE which is also key to guiding my Inner Work.
I taped over the rough edge where pages had been removed and added the Contents heading from an old magazine. I like to keeping a tally of my main subjects - doesn't have to be in alphabetical order, just a record to look back on.
And now for my review of the month past. July has been awesome despite some dreary winter weather - 2 weeks of school holidays, lots of creative projects completed, lots of jobs ticked off my list, seeing definite progress on my healthy journey, celebrated my 8th bloggiversary, and helped our eldest son buy his first car!
As usual, I kept a visual list of what I've been watching and reading - a lot more watching because of school holidays and seeing movies as a family ♥
This was my list of intentions for July now updated :
and here's how I've set up for August (click on the photo to read more clearly) : 
As you can see, I'm focusing on "Presence" this month. And you can see some of the notes we got from Effy's Moonshine class where this is the topic for August. Her words beautifully articulate what I feel about presence, gratitude, shining, energy and magic ♥ She also shared some thoughts about Grief which are profoundly aligned with what I have been feeling but not put into words....Effy always posts with our monthly readings that "If you aren't reading the PDFs, you are missing about 85% of the class content" and I am getting so much out of this class even if I don't complete my own art from the project lessons (I watch every demonstration though). I am currently grateful for my writing practice, for my increasing self-knowledge, for my family, for my creativity, for where I am right now. I am also really enjoying this book : 
Check out the intro via Amazon HERE. I relate to Lisa Congdon who says "Every year that passes, I become braver, and stronger, and freer. Getting older....{is a} gratifying and liberating process...Aging has led me to myself"
Written journaling also reveals me to myself. If you don't already have some kind of written journaling practice I really encourage you to start one. Check out all my posts about my Inner Work Journals HERE.
You can write whatever you like - brain dump, planning, frustrations, celebrations, capturing images/writings that inspire you - I have grown so much with my journals since beginning last year. It is great to feel intentional about the direction my life is going. Wishing you an August of love and laughter...and some written journaling xo


  1. You are keeping at it with your journaling- and beautifully so. I make them and then don't write in them, so it's helpful for me to see ones where the maker does write and document. I've made some small progress at it.

  2. It is very rewarding when you get into the swing of writing - I try and do it every day and notice that I miss it if I don't manage writing for a couple of days in a row

  3. I'm always so inspired by your inner journalling - I want to do it too but something just stops me. I don't think I could do it in such an authentic way. Love how you're keeping the 4th journal all "natural" in its slightly distressed condition. Congrats to Jacob on his first car - a very exciting time for him (and a little bit scary for you!) I'm not sure I'll ever let my son drive - I don't even let him use the toaster LOL, in case he burns his fingers (or burns the house down) - we do have a stupid toaster, though that's too clever for its own good - form over function - I'm going to replace it one day to a bog standard traditional one! Keep up the inner journalling and keep me inspired - one day I might take the plunge! xx

  4. Your toaster story made me laugh :-) Yep - scarey and proud of Jacob. He is 18 in a couple of weeks so have to let him be his own man. I am thrilled by my inner journaling - it is a bit scarey being that vulnerable but the rewards are worth it


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