Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Making bookmarks again

During term time I'm a part-time school librarian, and I have wonderful students who help me at break times. Bookmarks seem a fitting end-of-year thank you gift. For the last couple of years I've done them on watercolour paper - it gives them a good weight and they last very well. 2015
This year I decided to start with Dylusions sprays through stencils : 
Then I cut them up to decide what each needed in the way of stamps or serviette images - most of my librarians are girls, but I need to leave some more graphic for boys as well
I sprayed them all with workable fixative to seal the sprays since they continue to be watersoluble long after being dry....hope they don't put them to the test of getting them wet! Then I punched holes in the end and added lovely fibres. Here's a selection of the main themes. Click on the photo to see them larger.
And here they are all together. 
Was so fun to see all their happy faces as they received them ♥


  1. Might just do that for my book club though most of them are digital.

  2. They are really fun to make and can be personalised so easily :-)


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