Monday, December 4, 2017

Book of Days : Iconic portrait

We are coming to the end of the year for BOD2017 and one of our last lessons is an iconic portrait based on the theme of Persephone's descent into the underworld. Because I'm in the Southern hemisphere, the idea of 'descent into darkness' doesn't fit with my feelings of the season, so I decided to focus on her return to earth. She is often represented by symbols associated with the coming of Spring, including a wreath of flowers in her hair, torch, reeds, waterfalls, rivers and springs. Plants associated with her include Pomegranate, maidenhair fern, lily, daisy lavender. And so I began with turquoise, Iridescent blue green, Iridescent Green Gold and Gold paint scraped with credit card - delicious ♥
I didn't have a suitable all-over stencil for the next part, so decided to use one of my favourites on repeat
I drew in her face outline and halo, and then decided to add a different stencil into her hair - this will tone with the pomegranate colours as suggested by Effy. 
Isn't it wonderful how serendipitous things can be? I was this far in my portrait before I went away last weekend, and when I got there I was served pomegranate! 
Here's my pomegranate halo - I realise now that the hair needs to be darker
Love how her face turned out and I sat for a while with the background because I wasn't sure what I wanted to add. I was thinking affirmations and then I decided to add words that resonate with me at this time. Click on any photo to see it larger.
I am really happy with how this spread turned out.
See my Flickr album for all my art from classes with Effy HERESign up to Book of Days or other classes with Effy Wild HERE. Now available : Book of Days 2018 AND Moonshine 2018 - both discounted until Dec 31st and even further if you purchase as a package.
Read all about Moonshine in detail HERE and Book of Days 2018 HERE. Effy explains the differences in focus : For those who are seeking a more ‘secular’ experience that focuses on meeting ourselves as we are on the page, self-care, and regular creative practice, Book Of Days 2018 may be a better choice for you. For those of you looking to create or enhance your own spiritual practice, learn how to use art as a tool for transformation on a spiritual level, commune with the divine through effort as offering, or track the phases of the moon & seasons of the year through art, Moonshine 2018  is definitely for you.
If you join either of these you also get this Persephone lesson as a bonus ♥


  1. Wow, such beautiful background (I recognize the stencil - it's the one you sent to me!) - the colours you chose are wonderful and the pomegranate inspired hair is so creative and visually stunning! Love it - this has got to be one of my favourite pages of yours!

  2. Thanks so much Zsuzsa - the stencil looks even more lovely on repeat than I had hoped, and after I was done I saw the lovely cyclical nature of it which picks up the theme of Persephone as well. I am very happy with this piece - a great way to end the year ♥


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