Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Teaching classes in July!

A few years ago I was asked  if I would like to teach a mixed media themed book class at a local quilt and craft shop. They had seen my work and liked my Pansy book
I made some new class samples, but sadly that class never eventuated.
Happily, I've been asked again and this time I'm all set for full Saturday. We'll be exploring mixed media fabric techniques that appear in the book samples, combined with some of the surface application techniques I've taught in my fabric banner class
There's still time to join us if you're local. Get in touch with Angels in Gumboots, Ashhurst. Hopefully everyone will go away inspired with new ideas. 
Also been invited by another local shop to teach my Star Book class again at the end of July. Hopefully there'll be enough interest for this one.
AND I was so very flattered to be asked to do a guest post for the Life Documented 2017 group in July or August - while I usually complete the challenges, I've never been asked to be "the artist"!! 
I'll let you know when I am appearing on the blog and in the FB groupExcited ♥
With two weeks of school holidays in the middle of that, it's going to be another busy month!


  1. Love all your lovely makes laid out like that! The fabric journal looks awesome! Lucky it wasn't wasted effort to put the class together and now you were just able to pull it out of your hat! I'd definitely go if I was local! ;)

  2. You are so sweet - I love the gatherings for the classes. Still had to do all the class notes this time cos adding a few other project techniques in. Looking forward to it though - 10 enrolled so should be a great day


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