Friday, June 16, 2017

Book of Days : mood journaling

Here's another art lesson from Book of Days. We get 2 main art lessons like this (PDF + video lessons we can save forever) per month. When Effy shared her photos of this class on her blog, people wanted to learn so she now offers it as a stand-alone mini class HERE. If you sign up for her newsletters you get it even cheaper. Get a taste of Effy's style of teaching and see what fantastic value joining Book of Days really is....
I wasn't really in a particular mood when I started so just threw down some colours that were a mix of excitement that June is here (Birthday month!) and what June colours mean as Winter and an unknown flurry of activity coming
Then this sat....and sat...while I waited for inspiration. I think part of the problem was I love the background as it is! Then it was birthday week and I was given this gorgeous Celebrate figurine by Kelly Rae Roberts
And it was immediately clear what I wanted to do next  : masks and glazes
edged with white pen dots
A bit of gold through stencils and then it was time to add my words, inspired by my birthday celebrations and my word of the year SHINE. 
I printed them on tissue paper this time so I could choose the size I wanted. I went over them with pen after the glue was dry to make sure they stood out.
Here's a few close-ups of my favourite words
and the lovely details of layers
Here's the completed spread (click on the photo to enjoy it larger)
I simply LOVED how this lesson turned out. See my Flickr album for all my art from classes with Effy HERESign up to Book of Days (Full Year or Session 2) or other classes with Effy Wild HERE 


  1. June means winter, of course! That catches me out every time LOL! Delicious colours and textures - just lovely! Enjoy your birthday month!

  2. Thanks Zsuzsa - I loved how this page turned out with all the layers disguised but not!
    I am revelling in birthday month! - just did a post about it. My time to shine ❤
    Hope you have a good week xo


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