Wednesday, June 21, 2017

50 : My Time to Shine

June is Birthday MONTH - and even more of a big deal this year cos I turned 50! One of the reasons I chose SHINE as my word this year was because I wanted to make sure to celebrate in style the special occasions of our 25th wedding anniversary and my half century birthday (whaaat!). It's also meant looking at the world in a wonderful way all year and has made this month especially sparkly!
Highlights of birthday month : 
* I got a tattoo and I LOVE it so much. I have thought about it for a long while and it all came together for me at the right time. 
It's an expression and celebration of my creativity and individuality. I surprised some people by getting it, but everyone who knows me has commented how perfectly it suits me. The swirls and purple are found often in my art - it conveys movement, growth and joy - the 3 stars represent my husband and 2 sons - it's pretty - and it also represents my word of the year SHINE. I wanted it on my right fore arm so I can see and enjoy it often. 50 is significant, and this helps celebrate all that it means to be here. I feel fantastic!
*12th June BOD journaling prompt : How's your mood?
My response was as follows : Ebullient! I'm excited it's birthday week. Looking forward to seeing everyone cos how I celebrate is always through my relationships. Feeling so supported and loved right now 
* I've celebrated by meeting up with various friends for dinners and coffee dates over the last couple of weeks. I was so touched by their thoughtful cards and gifts. I got many arty treats that show just how well they know me :
- I now own a Kelly Rae Roberts figurine which inspired a recent art journal page and I have a lovely range of fabric squares to inspire another quilt
- LOVE Chris Cozen's work with colour - this book is both useful and coffee table gorgeous
Get a peek inside via Amazon HERE
- lovely tape and stamps - and beautiful handmade card
- and I got the most amazing Klimt Tarot deck - it is all kinds of sparkling gorgeousness - check out a review of this deck HERE.
I use Tarot cards for Inner Work (what does my response to a card tell me about my inner landscape? ) and also as inspiration for art. 
* I had a fabulous birthday party on Saturday night with my lovely family and most of my wonderful friends. There were many who travelled especially to be there, and there was laughter, love and dancing.
I stitched some streamers from circles punched out of old books 
and they decorated a table on the night, and will now decorate my school library
My mum made the delicious cake and a friend did an amazing job of icing it 
It was on a pedestal and she even added a butterfly for me ♥
I had a lovely blank journal of khadi paper which I got people to sign - the sparkly fairy lights made it a special place, and the lace tablecloth was my grandmother's....
I was moved to tears the next day when I read some of the messages.
Birthday month's not quite over yet! 
* I still have some money to spend - I bought some special jewellery, and now I am trying to decide between some art supplies or another (I know!) online class. I'll let you know what I decide.
* And I need to book in for a creative play day with a couple of arty friends....past birthday play days have included crepe paper flowers, play with alcohol inks, paper mache tea cups and paper and stitch collage. I just have to decide what I want to do!
I'm having a deliciously happy and SHINE-filled June. I wanted to celebrate how I feel about my wonderful life, who I'm with, and what I'm grateful for. Even my birthday outfit had plenty of Shine right down to my sandals ♥
I'm an extrovert, and this has been my ideal birthday - your ideas of joyful celebration might be different but I hope I've inspired you to start a birthday month tradition!


  1. What a delightful blog post Lynette! I've seen some of these photos already on Facebook and it was nice to see them all again together in one post. It will be lovely for you to look back on this in a few years' time. I hope the tattoo didn't hurt too much - not something I would contemplate but never say never LOL! Loving the sentiments behind it! Here's to another 50 years! xx

  2. ps: I forgot to tell you about that tape I used for texture that you asked about. It's a self adhesive dry-wall tape available in the US - I couldn't get it here, but I managed to source a couple of meters from the Netherlands through a Facebook contact (it was more hassle than it is worth LOL, but I really wanted it) - not sure if you can get it in NZ. It looks like this:
    The good thing is that you can use both parts; the backing and the tape, so you get twice the amount!

  3. Such a cool effect


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