Friday, March 31, 2017

One Little Word 2017 : March Vision Board

I'm taking Ali Edwards' One Little Word OLW workshop. The monthly prompts encourage you to connect with your word throughout the year and I'm excited to see what happens with SHINE in 2017. This month's prompt is to make a Vision Board. We did this last year and as well as being a fun project, I was inspired to set it as my background on my computer to remind me about Transform for the rest of the year : 
This time I started out with an initial idea of myself with a halo effect of all my elements of SHINE : Share, Healthy, Inner work, Notice, EnjoyI began with an image transfer that I shared here with my dream affirmation board from a class with Tam in Life Book February 2016. It started very patchy but I know it will be fine
This base became this : perfectly imperfect ♥
Word gathering 
Decided to start with a gold background in keeping with "Shine", and then added tapes and stencils for my base (background words on right are because I am using an altered book for my art journal)
Then I started to add all my words - I found some lovely quotes about Shine that I could include. Click on any photo if you want to read it larger.
I like the combination of different bits of imagery and lovely words all over the varied background elements
Close up of the main words
It was a fabulous exercise - all that thinking about meanings of my word while I sorted through inspiring magazines, and I enjoyed the mixed media elements I included. Lots of positive messages for me in my finished vision board spread
See all my posts about OLW 2017 HERE, and my Flickr album which includes any art featuring my word as well as the class prompts HERE. It's become my desktop background


  1. A lovely vision board and I like how you included yourself in it, making it your own! Perhaps I should try this too to attract things I need in my life right now!

  2. Most definitely - wish fulfilment 😉
    Hope you are having a happy weekend xo


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