Friday, March 3, 2017

Free lettering classes and other lettering love

This seemed an appropriate page to start this post - Whimsey grid
Last Saturday morning, I was lucky that my timezone matched with Effy Wild's Friday afternoon live online demo about lettering - this is an offering as part of BOD 2017 - and later we'll get an edited for time bonus in our classroom, including resources and a PDF.  
I ♥ EVERYTHING about Book of Days ♥♥♥  
The demo inspired me to share lettering things I know about with you. As Effy started by saying, and I completely support having done some of her classes, the lettering guru is Joanne Sharpe - if you want to learn lettering - take an online class with her. Here's something I created as a result of her class : in my journal 2012.
If you want to look at other work I've done with her go HERE. Of course she also has a fabulous book : have a peek inside via Amazon HERE.
I have just discovered that if you own the book, you can have access to a FREE Mini class with her.
For a while she's also had this FREE offering : Five Golden Letterings
Here are a couple of other free online lettering classes: 
Beginning March 6th - Strathmore's first 2017 free workshop 
- read more and sign up HERE.
Daisy Yellow Draw your words : A hand-lettering workshop - no charge but you can add to her Tip Jar {minimum $5} and also gain access to the private FB group with extra content, discussion, Q&A and tips. 
These are included in my list of Cheap and Free online art classes that you can always get to in my top right side bar.
On Alisa Burke's blog she features lettering guest posts by Megan Wells of MakewellsFind them all HERE. As you scroll down through the posts you'll get to some intro lettering including her favourite supplies.
Megan has a YouTube Channel and she also has classes available for purchase through Alisa's shop
And then there are books about lettering....heaps and heaps of them - here are some that I've found good (some I own - some borrowed from our lovely city library). Links follow with peeks on Amazon where available
Creative Lettering - Jenny Doh
Lisa Engelbrecht's Master Calligraphy & Hand Lettering
Creative lettering workshop - Lesley Riley
Hoping something in that long list inspires you to try some lettering this weekend.
You can check out all my posts where lettering features HERE.  

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  1. I nice compilation of resources! A few years ago (well before I discovered mixed media) I became really interested in lettering and doodling, but I couldn't find many resources - I must have looked in the wrong places! Now, I find I'm less interested in them, but only because I'm so excited about other things that I simply don't have the patience for neat lettering (same with zentangling), but I'm sure that will change in the future! I have Joanne's book, but the others are new to me.


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