Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sharing some love

Currently in New Zealand we are being rocked by earthquakes and hit by unseasonal storms - on the news we see people stranded, homeless, worried....We have a son currently involved with NCEA exams and that is a stressful time - but in the scheme of things, it's not life and death so I am trying to keep a broader perspective. I am also so very sad to see what is happening in America with regards to some people's behaviour towards each other following the outcome of the election....I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 
Overall my own wee world is so lovely - I am blessed with people who love me and I am so grateful for my life. What did I do to get so lucky? I am finding it hard to articulate the roller coaster of my feelings at the moment. What can I do? I can make sure those around me feel my love and support, and I'm sharing some love here on the blog.
As you may know, I've been taking a couple of classes lately with Effy Wild. Today she has generously shared on her blog a FREE LESSON from Facing Forward II. I haven't done this lesson yet, but I can't wait. 
Effy says : Today, I'm showing up with something I filmed for Facing Forward II. I am posting it here with no need for you to opt in or sign up or do anything except enjoy it. It is not a transaction. It's a gift.  I'm sharing it because, as one of my students put it, "sometimes a pretty face just will not do." So, I offer this because I have it to offer.  I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in seeing what else is on offer in that class, you can find my posts about what I've done so far HERE
I have also been inspired by this blog post from Alisa Burke about the Artists for Love movement. Below is Alisa's art, but if you click on that post link there is work from other artists there as well. Or check #artistsforlove on FB
Alisa also has a new Grateful HeART journal class - just launched online and on special this week for US$20 or you can try your luck at her giveaway HERE.
Please take care of you. Sending love and I hope to see you again soon 
I made this art journal page from a Life Book lesson earlier this year. Click on the photo to see it larger and see the original post HERE.

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Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

A lovely and thoughtful post Lynette. Yes, it's a bit scary what's going on in the world around us these days. The future will tell whether we're going in the right direction. I'm glad to hear you're not directly affected by the earthquakes. Keep safe xx

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