Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mixed Media Fabric Banner Day Class

I've not been able to finish as many art journal pages lately, and one of the reasons is that I'm teaching 3 classes this month! I shared my "From Past to Present Artfully" collage class HERE. In November last year I spoke to the Feilding Kowhai Quilters group about my quilts and mixed media work, and as a result, I taught my fabric banner class to them on Saturday. This is the sample :
See my original blog post with details and closer photos about this project HERE.
Here I am all packed and ready to go - class notes at the ready and lots of lovely inks and fibres to share and inspire with
It was a great day - all the students came armed with supplies, questions, and open to new ideas. I ended up taking 3 different project samples 
and laid out my supplies
First I demonstrated dying our lovely fabric serviettes with a mix of distress inks, reinkers and sprays
Then they had a go - lots of different colour combos
We tried simple silk paper making with gummy silk cocoons
Mine included colour because I just can't help myself - theirs were lovely with the natural fibres - some will add colour later
You can see a lot of paper serviettes embedded above - I also demonstrated a trick for paper serviette tearing and attaching directly to the background fabric
and was lucky that they shared some of their serviettes with me 
We talked about 'found words', stamping and stenciling, painted fusible, and making lovely cords
We had a play with a heat tool and made lovely crusty tyvek beads
Then they started to put everything they'd learned into practice. Click on any photo to see it larger.  Below is a lovely combination of serviette, found words, stamping, silk paper and beads
Our tables were covered with all the demonstrations and play
And it was fun to see layouts evolving
At the end of the day here's a sample of where they got to - all so lovely and so different ♥
It was a happy day for all of us
Still to come, Star books on Saturday 26th for the Marton Quilt club. 
If it goes as well as the other 2 classes have I'll be a happy woman :-)


  1. So many great ideas there! Silk paper and tyvek beads - I'll have to look into those! I bet your ladies had a ball - looks like a fun class and I love that napkin with the Klimt painting on it! Hope you were not affected by the earthquake. Sounds like it was a biggie.

  2. It was a really fun day. That is my fav Klimt so will have to save for something very special to use it on.
    The earthquake in different island from us so we are fine but it definitely woke us and rolled us about for a long while but no damage. Unsettling though

  3. Love these. How about a class in Kapiti? I would rejoin the quilt guild for that. Also what kind of inks do you use?

  4. Hi Sue - thanks a bunch. All inspired to make another myself after doing that class again....
    You would need to talk to Kapiti club - I haven't taught further afield yet but would definitely be keen to do so.
    I showed how to dye the fabric using Tim Holtz distress ink pads and also reinkers - plus we did some overspraying with lovely Starburst sprays


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