Wednesday, November 23, 2016

5 Creative Things

Various circumstances have meant that I haven't been completing art journal pages at my usual rate lately, but that doesn't mean there's no creative fun happening in my world. These are all in progress :: 
#1 I was asked to run craft club this term at my school. I've been teaching them how to hand stitch felt ornaments - they've all done so well and we're presenting to our Friday school assembly. I've been making a quilt for the ornaments to hang on. Nothing like a deadline to get things finished!
#2 I've also been taking various supplies and teaching mixed media skills to the Year 8 class - they are making "Jolly Postman" inspired Christmas banners
#3 I'm teaching again on Saturday so I'm preparing notes and gathering supplies to teach this star book
#4 I made some more card bases 
and finished one for a friend's special party
#5 I'm still art journaling faces. This one is {obviously} still in progress
Already ♥ her and she is far from done.
Today my eldest had his last NCEA exam so that is big cause for celebration. And although it's going to be intensely busy until then, my job at school finishes for the year on 9th December so I'm starting to think about lots of lovely creativity for Summer hols. Hoping to share more with you very soon.


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Crazy that you start your "summer" holidays in December - I still have trouble putting my head around that LOL! Looks like you've been extremely busy. Lovely that the school has asked you to teach some lessons. I hope the kids behaved for you - that would be my biggest concern - I'm rubbish at keeping discipline.

Lynette (NZ) said...

The whole season thing is hard for me to get as well 😉 I have loved the school teaching - craft club was optional so all wanted to be there and all know me so no worries with discipline.
So looking forward to keeping busy but without the stress.

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